Friday, March 4, 2016

March 2016

How's it going? Almost back into the swing of things, and by that I mean I've been forcing myself to bike to work again. This week was 3 times, including today, and forecast calls for rain here in Vancouver. Yup, I'm mostly a fair weather rider, but I'll brave it today.
 Onto the I guess a resident moved out recently, and took their bikes with them, which meant more available bike racks in the bike room! I know, who cares, but this to me is a small victory as I now occupy an entire row in the bike room I most frequent! I often get questioned as to where I store all my bicycles since I live in a small apartment. There's your answer! On one of our parking levels, there are 5 bike rooms, with multiple bike racks! Yes, I've pretty much taken over 1 whole bike room with my own bikes, but there are still plenty of available racks in the other rooms.
 Here's the latest bike build. I picked up this 1990 Specialized Rock Hopper back in 2014 at an auction. It has been hanging around, since I couldn't decide whether to rebuild it, or just sell it as-is. Finally got around to stripping it, and turned it into a single-speed. It's a solid bike, since it's made of steel & has a rigid fork. Found some old parts kicking around and threw those on there, but I did have to buy a new chainring & chain. Found 2 pairs of Deore LX cantilever brakes at Our Community Bikes! I've named this one Special taping over the 'iz' in Specialized. I know, brilliant!