Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February 2016!

Ah, it's been a long while! What's up cyber world?? Biking...nope, haven't done much so far this year. Became soft again and became a fairweather rider. Going to change that, since I've no excuses as I do have all the prerequisite rain gear to ride. Yes, I've since switched offices, but now my commute is actually flatter AND closer. AND along a bike route the ENTIRE WAY. I hear ya, no excuses now! Bikes. Yup, got a few more, sold a few more. And various projects which are barely built, almost built, and everything in-between. Ok, a few photos, because that's what we're here for.
The old school Trek 520 that I got as a frame. Rides as smooth as my previous 520, but got to do some tweaking to get the fit right. 
KHS Solo One. I wish this was my bike, but it's not. I've the frame/fork, but been on the fence about building it up. Do I really need another single speed mtn bike? (The answer is yes, but really no)
Raleigh Back Alley S/S, Fixie. Since sold.
Giant OCR W(oman). Super small, like 46.5cm, for sale.
Giant Boulder franken bike. Threw all my mishmash of parts onto this frame, such as:
Kona saddle, MEC seatpost, Scott stem, Specialized handlebar, Manitou front shock, Bontrager tires, Deore crankset. Hey, at least it rides, who wants it??

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