Tuesday, August 11, 2015

August 2015

What a summer in Vancouver! Hot and sunny! Plenty of biking and breweries! Following up on my last post, you would never believe it. I was browsing Craigslist one day in July and come across a bike that looked just like my co-worker's other bike. I called him up and sadly, he had his OTHER BIKE STOLEN! WTF! I know, I was feeling quite frustrated, didn't he learn his lesson from his last bike?! So, here we go again... but this time, no luck in getting a response from the seller. So that was not meant to be, this time around, thought his luck had ran out. A couple of weeks go by, and unbelievably, the Vancouver Police Dept called my co-worker to tell him they have recovered his bike from a homeless shelter downtown and to come pick it up. WHAT?!? I don't know how many horseshoes this guy has, but that is truly amazing. 2 bikes stolen, 2 bikes recovered! And as a token of thanks from him, he gave me his 1st bike! Partly, as a thankful gesture, and 2ndly, because he is sick of seeing it in his garage not being used, and probably for fear of getting it stolen again! I'll be giving it some love (quick tune-up, new tubes and tires) and will be riding it hopefully, or at least put it into the rotation of bikes that I do ride. Still some good weather left, so hope to get more rides in!