Wednesday, November 21, 2012

November, already?

Oh boy, days are going by so fast! Looks like I can only update once a month, if even that! I better do more updating, I mean, I had 6 page views today!
I guess some unlucky (or lucky?) people wandered in by accident. Come back! Welcome! Hello! Comment!  Perhaps they were really looking for a remedy to all this rain in Vancouver! Yes, we are getting plenty of liquid sunshine, so much in fact, lots of roads have huge puddles.
 Not that the weather should stop me from biking, but I've been driving to and from work as of late. I do miss riding though...
 Okay next subject! You're probably wondering if I've got any more bikes since October. Yes, of course I did! I did, however, sell one too. Hmm, a net gain of 1 still. At least my math skills are good, even if I'm a bit of a hoarder.
 I ended up getting a 2009 Kona Jake the Snake, but this was intended for my lady friend. I use to own a 2006 Kona JTS, and loved it. Regretted selling it ever since. So I was happy to acquire this newer JTS for her, since she wanted a 'road bike' to ride, and the Bianchi didn't work out. But you know me, I couldn't just stop there, now that she had a JTS, I wanted one I found a 2010 Kona Jake the Snake frameset on eBay, and I had the winning bid...and now it's in my bedroom! I've been slowly acquiring parts to build it up, hopefully it'll be complete by Christmas. I haven't taken any photos yet due to the weather, but I will when the puddles subside. Stay tuned?
 Now that makes 3 road bike projects that I have on the go...and my small apartment is getting cramped.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October already?!?

My goodness, how time flies! Summer's come and gone, but you wouldn't know otherwise with the beautiful weather in Vancouver! Summer provided many more kms on the bikes, softball, swimming, and drinking coffee on The Drive. All in all, a very good summer.
 On the bike side of things, yes, acquired a couple more mountain bikes (that I now need to get rid of!). Still sourcing some more parts to build up a couple of road bikes. And running out of room quickly in my small apartment!
 Anyone looking for an 80's vintage Bianchi road bike?? Doesn't fit me nor the lady friend, so it must go!

Hope everyone had a great summer and good Thanksgiving!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

interim post..sorry, no photos

Just checking in..

A couple more bikes have passed through my hand in the previous few weeks, but nothing too special to mention. Still trying to get rid of a couple more bikes within my stable.

I did pick up another 1990's GT Palomar, undecided on what to do with it!

Bike to Work week is coming (May 28 - June 1, 2012), get riding! Bike to Work Week

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hello Cyclists!

Not much new to report, except I threw on a pair of GT OGK Performer mags that I scored on eBay onto the BMX!

Rockin' it old (mid) school.

Happy riding everyone!