Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Let's sneak one more post in here before Christmas!

Just got a couple more bikes to add to the collection!

1st one, Either 1996 or 1997 GT Performer (or GT Vertigo). Still trying to track down exact year and model of this bmx. Was in rough shape when I got her, but I put lots of elbow grease into it to bring it into decent condition.

See the photo? The left side of the fork is how I got it. The right side, after lots of chrome polish and steel wool.

And that's how it looks now, all shiny! Can't wait til Spring time to enjoy it!

2nd bike I got, is for a ladyfriend. Needs some (a lot!) of restoration work. From what I can tell, it's a late 80's Bianchi road bike, made in Japan, in Celeste paint. However, it's not the minty green celeste paint we all know.

What do you think? Came with the LG73 sticker!

Hope everyone has a great holiday, Merry Christmas! You know what I'll be doing...working on bikes!

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