Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another Bridgestone!

Hmm, I just had to post this. Recently, I acquired a pretty rare Bridgestone bike (The WildWest posted earlier)...guess what? I got another rare Bridgestone! Consider myself lucky? Some history on the bike. This one belonged to my co-worker's wife. He brought it to work, hoping that I would work on it for him. Someone had apparently kicked it in, and the tires were flat.

Well, I finally had the time to haul it home and give it some attention. His wife no longer wanted it inside their apartment apparently. Much to my horror, it had 22" tires! No wonder my co-worker didn't want to touch it! lol... After some searching, I did manage to track down some 22" tubes. I was going to buy 24" tubes, and it would have worked, but I lucked out! (Thanks Bike Doctor on Broadway!). Changing the front tire was pretty simple, as it was just removing the basket and the wheel from the fork. But the rear wheel? OH MY...everything is attached to the single bolt, the fender, the rack, the kickstand, the chainguard...I had to remove everything before I could remove the tire and install the new tube!

Fast forward, I finished putting it back together and told him the bike was ready. He then told me, he didn't want it back! Well, score for me, as it's perfectly suited for my Mom! We've been looking for a bike that fits my Mom (she's quite small). I 1st bought her a small adult mountain bike. Too big. Then, I brought home a vintage cruiser with 24" wheels. Still too big! She was eyeing one of my BMX's by this point...I was like, um, uh, no...

So, this bike is also from Japan. Looks like a child's bike actually. It's called a Bridgestone Kal-Tec.I don't think it was ever sold in North America, so someone must have brought it over with them. It's in pretty mint condition still too. It's pretty unique, as it's got a rear drum brake!Okay, onto the photos!

This is my lovely lady-friend posing with the bike.

See how small the bike is?

This is what it says on the Chain Guard: "KALTEC leading the play star of the game"
Gotta love those obscure Japanese phrases!

On the seat tube, it reads, "the record breaker, Everyone's Hero!" Indeed!

And here's the final shot, the rear drum brake!

If anyone has any more info on this bike, I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Well, congrats on getting that back tire off and back on. I grit my teeth at the thought of dealing with the derailleur on my bikes--which is why I also like single-speeds. That brake reminds me of the carburetor on my '74 Datsun pickup--complex beyond my engineering-imagination.

  2. Hope your Mum has many, many hours of fun on it. Looks like a great bike.