Thursday, September 16, 2010

And this is NOT a test! How's it going? Well, I've been riding my bike(s) all summer, and fall is just around the corner now. At last count, I've amassed quite a collection! A couple of hybrids, a couple of mountain bikes, a couple of road bikes, and a couple of bmx's! They just seem to come and go, mostly sticking around than actually going! I'll have to post up all the photos soon! Here's a couple..
This is my singlespeed/fixie that I built up. It was quite a lesson! I recieved the frame (Norco Monterey) for free, and then proceded to build it up. Little did I know it was going to cost me a small fortune! I didn't get a chance to ride it much, as I had other bikes to ride, so it's pretty much an art piece hanging on the wall now.

This is my 2008 Devinci Melbourne. Bought brand new from the shop, but rarely riden! Has sat in my storage locker for more than a year now. I better sell it...

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